Troubles doesn’t always have to mean bankruptcy

Nowadays, the reality of Polish entrepreneurs is this: the result is usually a troubles with liquidation of the company. Bankruptcies could, however, often avoid, if not imperfect a restructuring law. However, this is changing. Does it cause that Poland will often resort to reorganization proceedings? (more…)...
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Evening RDC: a new restructuring law

The new restructuring law (guests: Piotr Zimmerman - co-founder of restructuring law, Wojciech Reszka - an expert on corporate restructuring, Juliusz Bolek - Business Institute) ...
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Wrote about us

Opinion about bankruptcies. Bankruptcies of companies really do not overlook anyone for good. Creditors irretrievably lose their property, people lose their jobs and the state source of raising funds from taxes. The existing law in...
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