Conducting a Sale Process of Companies or Organized Part of the Enterprise

In addition to purchasing processes, Relationships will help you to identify entities that may be interested in the acquisition of a company or its organized part. Our consultants can assist you at every stage of the sales process from the preparation of sales strategy, through search and contact with potential buyers and assistance in negotiations, after consulting adaptation to legal requirements.

In the sales process, we provide the following services:

  • Defining the objectives and the relevant criteria for assessing process
  • Valuation of the company or its organized part, which is the subject of sale
  • Preparation of confidential information memorandum on the business to be divested or any of its part
  • Identification of potential buyers
  • Preparation of a preliminary assessment of the potential buyers and establishing a contact with them
  • Estimation of the attractiveness of complex bids and recommendation on the choice of the buyer, who will be in the best possible way to meet the criteria for sale;
  • Identification of Target potential buyers
  • Advising on the overall strategy and structure of the transaction;
  • Identification of hidden risks arising from the transaction;
  • Assistance in conducting negotiations on prices and other trading conditions
  • Assistance in the final negotiations, the implementation of legal requirements and the completion of the sales process