Valuation and Strategy

Relacje perform valuations for their clients for different purposes. Similarly, at various stages of the company’s activities, there are considered decisions about growth opportunities and value creation through the acquisition, a merger or divestiture of businesses or parts thereof. Our consultants will prepare a strategic analysis, concerning the possibility of potential transactions, analysis of the strategies of individual units of the company, searching for potential acquisition targets or merger, the analysis of pre-sale/redemption, estimating the impact of the proposed transaction on goodwill and preparation of business plans. Our experienced consultants can help companies and its shareholders, mainly by:

  • Consulting, which kind of business should be maintained and developed, which sold and how acquired in the context of the company’s strategy.
  • Consultation regarding strategic decisions that will affect shareholder value
  • Feasibility studies / business plans for projects due diligence
  • Financial modeling
  • Valuation of holdings (e.g. for the purposes of the transactions or disputes between shareholders)
  • Valuation of minority stakes
  • Valuation of companies and their organized parts
    • in the course of business
    • about the company from liquidation
    • of intangible assets of in-kind contributions