About us

RELACJE is a company dedicated to the broad economic consulting and outsourcing. Our mission is realized through optimization and/or restructuring activities the company. Our work usually starts, where most advisors end their actions. Our services focus on the management of change. We carry out projects, involving the restructuring of entire companies as well as the reorganization of the selected areas, both the functional system and development of arrangement process, through cooperation with us. In appropriate situations, we also represents as functions in the management bodies, cooperating in the interim management model. In cases of emergency, we, together with the law firm Zimmerman and Associates Ltd. (According to many experts, the best law firm in Poland in this field) Economic rehabilitation program (PSG). Each of our projects is based on indicators that defines a tangible benefits for our Customer. Our services are tailored to the specifics of each company, its current situation and to the agreed strategy development. Using this approach, we can dedicate our solutions for most businesses.