We always prepare our training individually for each client, in order to incorporate their specific needs at a given time and the latest available knowledge.

Through our training, we help organizations to make the desired changes – we supply the necessary knowledge and practical, effective tools to implement the business objectives of our clients. What distinguishes our offer among other companies is a rich experience of our trainers and tutors, who are all practitioners and what they learn, apply themselves successfully in their own work.

Main areas in which we specialize is the Enterprise Strategy, Corporate Finance, Bankruptcy and Restructuring of Firms. In addition, as first on the market, we offer training on Law Restructuring and preparation to acquire Restructuring Advisor licenses. Training is run by one of the coauthors of new regulations. We offer enrichment proposition career/executive/business coaching, an important element for all who devote much of their work life activity.

You might be interested in the possibility of conducting part of our training in English. We are proud of the fact that we organize training courses, despite their high quality and commitment to the teaching process eminent experts in their fields, they are competitively priced and are available for most companies who want to develop their potential, by investing in the development of their employees. We cordially invite you to use our services and extending the ranks of our satisfied, regular customers. Examples of topics and training program: